Known Issues


  • Minimum supported Kubernetes version is 1.17.
  • Submariner only supports kube-proxy in iptables mode. IPVS is not supported at this time.
  • CoreDNS is supported out of the box for *.clusterset.local service discovery. KubeDNS needs manual configuration. Please refer to the GKE Quickstart Guide for more information.
  • Clusters deployed with the Calico network plug-in require further configuration to be compatible with Submariner. Please refer to the Calico-specific deployment instructions.
  • The Gateway load balancer support is still experimental and needs more testing.
  • Submariner Gateway metrics submariner_gateway_rx_bytes and submariner_gateway_tx_bytes will not be collected when using the VXLAN cable driver.


  • Globalnet only supports Pod to remote Service connectivity using Global IPs. Pod to Pod connectivity is not supported at this time.
  • Currently, Globalnet is not supported with the OVN network plug-in.
  • The subctl benchmark latency command is not compatible with Globalnet deployments at this time.