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Cross-Cluster Network Connectivity for Kubernetes

Submariner enables direct networking between pods in different Kubernetes clusters on prem or in the cloud.

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Great For

Geo Distributing HA Databases like Cassandra
Distributed Tracing
Expanding Service Mesh across Clusters

Why use Submariner?

Manage Database Replication within Kubernetes

Use solutions that replicate data to their full potential. Span your Cassandra database, for example, between three Kubernetes clusters and retain uptime despite the complete failure of one of the three clusters​. Cluster operators no longer need to manage inter-cluster communication outside of Kubernetes.

Get Service Mesh Everywhere

Although a service mesh like Istio can work across multiple Kubernetes clusters, it requires a pod-to-pod network connectivity solution. With Submariner, operators can see across the entire application pool on every cluster. Now your decisions can be truly informed.

Open and Flexible Architecture

Submariner is open source and works with multiple Kubernetes distributions built on different CNI drivers. Submariner provides IPSec-based connectivity out-of-the-box, and can be integrated with other remote networking connectivity options in the future.

How it Works

Read the Introduction to Submariner by Submariner Developer Chris Kim
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