CI/CD Maintenance

This page documents the maintenance of Submariner’s CI/CD for developers.

Custom GitHub Actions

We have built some custom GitHub Actions in Shipyard for project-internal use. They have dependencies on public GitHub Actions that need to be periodically updated.

[~/go/src/submariner-io/shipyard/gh-actions]$ grep -rni uses
e2e/action.yaml:77:      uses: submariner-io/shipyard/gh-actions/[email protected]
release-images/action.yaml:17:      uses: docker/[email protected]
release-images/action.yaml:19:      uses: docker/[email protected]
cache-images/action.yaml:14:      uses: actions/[email protected]
restore-images/action.yaml:18:      uses: actions/[email protected]


GitHub Actions

All our projects use GitHub Actions. These include dependencies which should be regularly checked for updates. Dependabot should be used to submit PRs to keep all GitHub Actions up-to-date. Hash-based versions should always be used to ensure there are no changes without an update on our side.

For example, this GitHub Action dependency:

      - name: Check out the repository
        uses: actions/[email protected]
          fetch-depth: 0

Would be updated by this Dependabot configuration:

version: 2
  - package-ecosystem: github-actions
    directory: '/'
      interval: daily

Dependabot will only submit updates when projects make releases. That may leave CI broken waiting on a release while a fix is available. If a project has a fix but has not made a release that includes it, we should manually update the SHA we consume to include the fix. In particular, some projects “release” fixes by moving a tag to a point in git history that includes the fix. They assume versioning like gaurav-nelson/[email protected]. Again, we should always use SHA-based versions, not moveable references like tags, to help mitigate supply-chain attacks.

Kubernetes Versions

The versions of Kubernetes tested in Submariner’s CI need to be updated for new Kubernetes releases.

Submariner’s policy is to support all versions upstream-Kubernetes supports and no EOL versions.

The versions that should be used in CI are described below.

CI Kubernetes Version Notes
Most CI Latest CI should run against the latest Kubernetes version by default.
Basic Kubernetes Support All non-latest supported versions One defaults-only E2E for each non-latest supported Kubernetes version.
Full Kubernetes Support All non-latest supported versions Workflow to run all CI for all of the currently-supported, non-latest Kubernetes versions. Run periodically, on releases, or manually by adding the e2e-all-k8s label.
Unsupported Kubernetes Cut-off Oldest working version One defaults-only E2E for the oldest Kubernetes version known to work with Submariner. This tests the cut-off version used by subctl to prevent installing Submariner in environments that are known to be unsupported.

Shipyard Base Image Software

Some versions of software used by the Shipyard base image are maintained manually and should be periodically updated.

ENV LINT_VERSION=<version> \
    HELM_VERSION=<version> \
    KIND_VERSION=<version> \
    BUILDX_VERSION=<version> \
    GH_VERSION=<version> \


Shipyard Linting Image Software

Some software used by Shipyard’s linting image are pinned to avoid unplanned changes in linting requirements, which can cause disruption. These versions should be periodically updated.